Getting One Step Closer To Lord Rama This Diwali!

Diwali is the festival to celebrate Lord Rama & his victory over evil. However over the centuries, the festival has been given a materialistic twist and in the competition for one-upmanship, the teachings of Lord Rama seems to have been lost amongst the mundane.

Lord Rama was so compassionate that he bothered to both acknowledge & appreciate the effort & role of the tiny squirrel. Now that’s a tale we have all heard, which taught us to love each species.  However our acts and our teachings are contradictory. We all are aware that this action of ours directly or indirectly leads to loss of millions of lives across the nation.

The loud burst of a fire cracker and pollution endangers the lives of Dogs, cats, birds and many other small species’. To make things worse, it is the breeding season for many birds during Diwali. These birds flee abandoning their nestlings. By the time the frenzy is over & they return, it is too late for most nestlings. A tragic end to an innocent life!

It’s time we ponder who caused this. Saying NO to fire crackers is a small beginning we can make to genuinely ‘welcome’  Lord Rama.

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